The sad decline of The North

It angers and saddens me a great deal to read the many obituries of once proud working and mining towns like Barnsley, Rotherham, Sheffield, Middlesbrough, Sunderland etc on this site. These were all places I was familiar with as a very young man back in the late 1970s and places I loved to visit and have a pint or six. The locals were a tough breed back then, but friendly and welcoming, even to poncy southerners like me.

Sure, there was the odd town centre punch up, but it was just a few lads letting off steam…nothing vicious. But above all else I remember vibrant places with no pound shops, op shops, instant loan shops and no ****. But you see, the **** **** that abounds in the places mentioned are symptomatic of a layer of society that has been wilfully and systematically sent to the wall by the real **** that rules this land.

What are working people without any work to do? What else is there for them to do but watch mindless TV or take drugs when their lives have no purpose? It seems to me that a decision was taken back in late 1979 to declare war on the British working class and this was carried through with ruthless efficiency by the most disgusting piece of filth ever to call itself prime minister.

Whole communities were smashed, and now the children of those defeated workers shoot up in the ruins of the factories that gave their parents a living. This country is a shell of its former self, and the blame lies not with those ***** living in squalor at the bottom, but the pin-striped gangsters at the top.

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