Written by Anonymous.

In the morning this is a lovely rural town, old people go out and do their thing. Between midday and the afternoon they start to disappear, one by one.

And I understand why… by the late afternoon chavs start crawling out of every house and every corner. Chavs all ages, from 12 all the way do middle aged men. There are 4 main chav groups which take over 3 main places.

The first group is the one with the most power, they roam the High street and the bus station, these are usually the most violent as they will attack anything that moves. Their average age is approximately 14-20 years old.

The Second group has almost equal a mount of power, but they do not control the main street, they have control of Scotts park and weetwood Avenue. these are mostly 12-16 year olds, mostly young. They are angry little s***s and will also attack anything that moves.

The Third group mainly take control of Oliver’s road. They are usually 8-14 year olds and are very annoying and should be shot in the head when given the chance. they will try to aggrivate you when possible.

The Forth group do not hold a certain area, they move around place to place and relocate all the time to deploy their chavy-ness to as many places as possible, as effective as possible. these can be violent if aggrivated, the average age group is higher than the other groups as most of them are over 20.

– Bus station
– Glensale Store
– Foulis Fish and Chip Shop
– Scotts Park
– Olivers Road
– The Perth
– Weetwood Avenue

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