Living in Blackhall Colliery, County Durham

Blackhall Colliery – I honestly wish I had never set foot in the place

Blackhall Colliery is the area that Mr Blair had selected to improve as it was and still is the most deprived area in the North East.

Living in Darlington

Mixed bag for Darlington (Darlo)

Darlington is a mixed bag. It consists of the best and the worst, and by the worst, I mean you'll feel like you're in Mogadishu or Baghdad.

Living in Stanley Crook, Durham

Stanley Crook – A place where no one lives and no one has heard of

There are no burglaries in Stanley Crook, simply because there are no shops and nothing of value to steal.

Living in Ushaw Moor, County Durham

Ushaw Moor used to be a nice place…

Ushaw Moor is home to, Druggies, Drug Dealers, Pyromaniacs, and 10 tab houses, and multiple sex offenders.

Living in Meadowfield - Living in Brandon

Brandon / Meadowfield, you will know that it is truly sh*t!

In Meadowfield there is always someone crossing the main road at the wrong time or a cat stops in the middle of the road for a sh*t.