Living in Ashington
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Ashington is by far the chavviest town in Northumberland, every other car you see on the road is either a Vauxhall (the chavs’ and thicko’s vehicle of choice) or a Motability car of some kind (Usually either an Astra, Meriva, Zafira or a C4 Picasso), the ageing p***y vehicle of choice.  In the ten years I have lived in this nasty, smelly crap hole I have NEVER met anyone who could be classed as normal, it seems everyone has some kind of mental illness, everyone is ugly, everyone is uncompassionate and often rude, no one (other than criminals, drug dealers etc) has any kind of proper job, they all drive round in ropey old bangers covered in dents and rust, people don’t give way to you, they are all loud, obnoxious and feckless as well as being being often unprofessional is working in a retail capacity.

The town centre is a Greggs pastie filled hellhole which is a constant aroma of cigarette smoke. Unemployable, tattooed half-wits lope around with their out of control, pastie eating kids, shouting and bellowing at them as they go.  This community used to be dependant on the Coal industry but has failed (probably due to too much coal dust in their brains) to adapt to the changes forced upon them by the 1980s closure of the mines.

Nearby towns such as Newbiggin by the sea are also a victims of this inbred way of life, chavs and idiots fly about in their 52 plate Zafiras (minus wheel trims and plus many dents) probably un-insured and MOT’d, people, again are loud, arrogant and self absorbed.

Look at any ex-mining town and you will see the same, Parts of Durham like Consett, Dipton and Stanley are exactly the same, full to the rafters with shitty people…

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