berwick upon tweed

North WestNorthumberland

i grew up in berwick upon tweed i now live in manchester. berwick is the most depressing miserable place i know. the prople never smileand if your not from there your not welcomem they are **** of the earth up there hope they all rot.  the place is full of 2 faced idiots that cant handle their drink 1 pint and they think they can take the world on til they gob off to a holiday maker then get a real good hammering like they deserve. i left berwick on my own when i was 19 never been back since and dont intend doing so either im 26 now.  i hope alot of berwick people read this you all should be ashamed of yourselves the ones who put me through hell at school and look at me now doing better than the lot of ya i bet.  im ashamed to say to people i come from berwick upon tweed i just say northumberland i dont class berwick as my home town as far as im concerned manchester is. R I P Berwick…… T W.

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