Morpeth: Is it really as posh as the posters make it look? No!

Living in Morpeth

Morpeth. Is this town really as posh as the posters make it look? The answer is no. Morpeth is a horrible place to live. By day the town centre is full of stuck up posh twats. But by night it’s full of drunks that walk up and down the high street just looking for a fight.

The most horrible part of Morpeth is the council estate named STOBHILL.  This place is one of the most disgusting places I have ever been.  There are crazy kids everywhere ready to attack anyone.  There are also disgusting drug heads that are on every drug under the sun, standing next to the post office asking for penny’s so they can buy a bottle of white storm from the shop.  I have never seen police activity like it in such a small place, every day at least 30 police cars and at least two helicopters are hunting the estate looking for looking burglars trying to find their drug addictions.

And then we have another council estate that gets called HIGH CHURCH.  This place is just as bad as Stobhill but is a bit more calm and quiet, but don’t be mistaken as there are still drug heads ******* around street corners begging anyone for money or ready to take it off anyone.

How grim is your Postcode?

Don’t be fooled by this town, if anyone tells you it’s not rough, don’t believe them please be very aware of the two estate sides I have described. The council in this town have covered up what actually goes on with nice flowers in leaflets and such to make everyone think it’s a town for retired people but it is the very opposite, it is a town of rejected young people who are going in no direction but down.  I hate to see what this town is going to be like in 15 years if ignored.