Living in Newbiggin by the Sea, Northumberland
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Newbiggin-By-The-Sea, where do i start? Newbiggin is a small fishing village in Northumberland North East, crawling with dressing gown wearing teenage mums, underage smokers and drinkers, and loud rowdy locals! Did i forget to say wannabe gypsies? This town is by far, one of the shittiest places to be in the whole of Northumberland. Its streets are filled with mullet, snapback, nike,tracky bottom wearing idiots.

Newbiggin By The Sea, used to be a big tourist attraction, with its sandy beaches, big Victorian houses and friendly people. But now!? Now its filled with horses tied to local council fields, its beaches are covered in dog s**t, empty bottles of Frosty Jacks and 3 Hammers and lets not forget tab dumps! In fact, you cant walk anywhere in Newbiggin without trampling in dog s**t, or well can we guess? HORSE S**T. Everywhere you go, you see wannabe gypsy’s flying recklessly around on their horse and carts, holding up traffic and just generally acting like they’re hard.

Lets name and shame some of the local estates? Well number one, where do you see all the dole wallars in Newbiggin? Thats right the Moore estate! This place is by far the worst place to live in Newbiggin. Number two, would have to be the second shittest place to live in Newbiggin is definitely one hundred f*****g percent is the colliery. That place has more horses then the wild west, its skate park is full of sweaty inbred chav scumbags, who all like to pile in there and make a noise on a Friday night when the little rats finish school for the week. Last but least? Can we guess again?? The Avenues? That place stinks of tab smoke, chip pans, and burnt toast. They all stand at their doors with their dressing gowns on having conversations about 6 doors down from each other! Annoying! And this is why Newbiggin, needs to be ridiculed.

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