The sad decline of The North

The sad decline of The North

This country is a shell of its former self, and the blame lies not with those chavs , but the pin-striped gangsters at the top.

Beverley, Property guide and review

Beverley, not much to look at, but still locals still say it’s the Gem of the NE.

Beverley, a little Market Town nestled in the hills in the abnormally flat planes of Yorkshire's commercial farm fields



To begin with there is a reason why Goole is called sleepy hollow! lived here for over 10 yrs now, and have lived alot of places and have to say hands down this is the worse place i have ever lived

Living in Driffield

Driffield used to be nice, a picturesque little place but no more

Chavs have taken over Driffield, hanging outside cooplands on the bench waiting for a biddy, so they can rob them for their cheese scones.

Living in Hessle, Hull

Let me introduce everyone to a little town called Hessle

Hessle, you will have never heard of it, but just think of the biggest, most known sh*thole in the UK... yep it's near, Hull!