Living in Reddish, Stockport, Greater Manchester

Reddish: The Ghetto of Greater Manchester

Reddish truly stands out psychologically, as people wonder what goes through a 12 year old boys head, when they decide to rob the purse of a pensioner.

Living in Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Rochdale: A complete abomination occupying the map of Greater Manchester

Rochdale, activities, attractions or even remotely decent, worthy places to visit: non existent.

Living in Shaw, Oldham

Shaw, as annoying as an improperly wiped backside

In Shaw, a wretched little turd like me can fight, snort coke and behave like a complete animal without so much as causing a single eyelash to flutter!

Living in Withington, Manchester

Withington, Manchester – The area that we all just gave up on

Withington is a place that Manchester should just forget about, the people there too. If you ever decide to move here, oh god, good luck to you.

Living in Harpurhey, Manchester

Harpurhey – You don’t have to smoke spice to live here, but it helps

When told we were moving to Harpurhey, I was devastated. I tried to throw myself under the 52 bus. Fortunately it never turned up on time.