Worst places to live in

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  1. Living in Blackpool, Lancashire

    Blackpool: The Seaside Town They Forgot To Close Down

  2. Living in Amble, Northumberland

    Amble: the population of 6,022 is now almost entirely related

  3. Living in Carlin How, Cleveland

    Carlin How: it’s now like walking through Beirut

  4. Living in Keighley, Bradford

    Proud To Be From Keighley? Nah.

  5. Living in Morpeth

    Morpeth: Is it really as posh as the posters make it look? No!

  6. Living in Huddersfield

    Huddersfield, not such a ‘brilliant’ place to live!

  7. Living in Featherstone, West Yorkshire

    Featherstone – They’ll give thee a kickin’

  8. Living in Darlington

    Mixed bag for Darlington (Darlo)

  9. Living in Ashington, Northumberland

    Ashington is now a necrotic ulcer on the nether regions of the North East

  10. Living in Scarborough, North Yorkshire

    The McCain factory looms over Scarborough like a potato Auschwitz

  11. Living in Ushaw Moor, County Durham

    Ushaw Moor used to be a nice place…

  12. Living in Keighley, West Yorkshire

    Keighley: one of the most backward towns, I have ever encountered