Egremont – crushingly depressing

Is Egremont, Cumbria a nice place to live

Egremont, Cumbria. Words can’t express how desperately depressing this forgotten hovel is. “A convenient gateway to Wasdale and the lakes” they say – but NOTHING including convenience can justify a stop, or even a dive through here. The outside of pubs and shops tell you all you need to know. They look boarded up despite […]

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Burneside: a welcome to the Lakes

Living in Burneside, Cumbria

Imagine a scenic little village perched on the very edge of the lake district where the hushed serenity is only broken by the delightful sounds of lambs gamboling in the verdant fields, you’ll have to use your imagination and possibly ear protection as the vast industrial edifice of the paper mill in the village [allegedly] […]

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Maryport: The Anti-Social Landfill of Europe

Living in Maryport, Cumbria

If for whatever reason you should visit this rotting corpse of a harbour town – presumably for the go kart tracks or the aquarium – you should know that any poor soul who strays into the feral residential areas is presumed dead until seen again. During your visit should be able to enjoy the cobbled […]

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Kendal – Cumbria’s knock off Lancaster

Living in Kendal, Cumbria

Looking for a place that’s got drugs and drunks out in the street at 2 am on Saturday morning? Then this **** town is the place. It’s also got similarities to Lancaster in Lancashire, but Cumbria didn’t have the funding to make an exact copy, so they made it smaller, added ****** knock offs of […]

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Oh Longtown… You suck!

Living in Longtown, Cumbria

Longtown has a long history, especially with it being on the border of England and Scotland. Although ask many of the locals who were educated from the 80s onwards and they couldn’t tell you any of it. A lot of the shops are owned by natives of the town, which is good as they know […]

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Carlisle: the people who inhabit this city are not quite right

Living in Carlisle, Cumbria

Well Carlisle… A few days ago I was in the lovely town of Keswick, the picturesque mountains, the sunset glistening on the lake. As the love of my life enjoyed a fruit cider, as semi retired couples smiled and waved at my son and I, me being somewhat naive, jumped at the chance to work […]

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Wigton is a crummy little town

Living in Wigton, Cumbria

Wigton is a crummy little town that only ever consists of usage of drugs, alcohol and fights! You at Kirkland when you first come into wigton, it’s quite a quiet place to live due to it been full of the elderly. There’s only a few thugs living up there. Moving down is the high street […]

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The sad decline of The North

The sad decline of The North

It angers and saddens me a great deal to read the many obituries of once proud working and mining towns like Barnsley, Rotherham, Sheffield, Middlesbrough, Sunderland etc on this site. These were all places I was familiar with as a very young man back in the late 1970s and places I loved to visit and […]

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Millom Chavopolis

Please come to Millom Cumbria, insular and ****** like something out of the bayou in the Everglades Florida, that was in the film Deliverence with John Voight! The ***** mainly hang amout the Bridge Cafe. After a pointless trip to nearby Barrow in furness to qualify for their Educational Maintainance Allowance at Furness College the […]

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