Wilmslow – Hollywood of the North

Living in Wilmslow, Cheshire

Wilmslow is by no means as dreadful as some of the towns on this site, but awful in its own way. Wilmslow has several different groups; descendants of “Old Wilmslow” meaning those whose family were here before 1940, successful boomers who moved here in the 60s and 70s usually from not far away and bought […]

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Wythenshawe – Chernobyl 2.0

Living in Wythenshawe

Have you ever been to civic centre? Spare yourself the nightmare, a 2 eyed person has never been seen in these parts, the occasional failed celebrity visits around christmas, THE lowest point in anybody’s careers surely, i mean i’d rather just hang myself. Wythenshawe is a world or rudeness, jobless peasants who don’t have teeth […]

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Edgeley: The Land of Hopes and Dreams

Edgeley, Stockport, Property Guide

Edgeley, possibly one of the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport’s most overlooked suburbs, despite housing both it’s train station and it’s high quality football team. The Wikipedia definition of Edgeley states it is a suburb “made up of council estates and Victorian terrace houses”. This is very close minded and factually incorrect. It also has a […]

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