Smacklesfield… I mean Macclesfield

Living in Macclesfield, Cheshire

When you hear of Cheshire you think or footballers and housewives right? Well until you enter Macclesfield aka WannaBe Manchester. The town centre is empty, all you have to see for entertainment is homeless people (may I add they they were set on fire not so long ago). Then there’s the drugs. Oh yes EVERYONE […]

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Southampton – flawed pearl of the South

Living in Southampton, Hampshire

Unfulfilled? Tired of waiting to win the lottery? Has that dream partner not yet walked into your life? Fear not, dear reader, for the solution to all your problems can be found at the southern end of the M3, where sits a gem in the firmament of anglo-saxon jewels, a veritable Shangri-La of a mythical […]

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