Living in Blacon, Chester
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When people think of Chester, they think of the walls, the beautiful cathedral and the of course the mighty Chester FC. However, little do they know that only a mile down the road lies the large suburb of Blacon. A place where as a man you can either take drugs, sell drugs or leave, or as a woman you can take drugs, sell drugs, have a kid or leave.

Blacon was once one of the largest council estates in Europe and to be honest has actually improved somewhat over recent years (nothing to do with the police station, whose officers love blaring the sirens at whatever time they please). Despite recent improvements you cannot shake of such social problems in just one generation. The young women of Blacon are super-fertile, this is because more kids = more £££. Money is the same thing the north faced, Armani man bag, toothbrush haired lads (I know, not your normal chav) care about. They would probably rob their own nan to get a 10 deck of Sterling Superkings.

As you move through the generations of Blacon, the racism and xenophobia grows deeper and deeper, which is a shame really because if you are a person who is white and who is english then you’ll probably be well liked. However, if you have a tan because you’ve just got back from the Costa del Sol then you might get a few funny looks.

Oh, and if you need to get some buds it shouldn’t be too difficult!

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