Smacklesfield… I mean Macclesfield

When you hear of Cheshire you think or footballers and housewives right? Well until you enter Macclesfield aka WannaBe Manchester. The town centre is empty, all you have to see for entertainment is homeless people (may I add they they were set on fire not so long ago).

Then there’s the drugs. Oh yes EVERYONE is on drugs. Kids from the age of 11 are either smoking weed or sniffing ket or stealing their mum of 10 kids coke.
Children from 10 getting arrested on the daily. May I add the Schools are [allegedly] sh*t.

Weston, Moss Rose, Hurdsfield + Upton Priory: all places you want to avoid at all costs. Buy a house there and within a month your car, windows or door has most likely been smashed and the police won’t do anything about it. These estates are riddled with *****. Some places in Macclesfield are nice however .

Nightlife in Macclesfield you’ve got about 3 choices. FEVER is [allegedly] a sh*thole, so sh*t they’ve had to change their name in order for to still be open. Capri is full of underage kids. As for Wetherspoons, well, you can already guess. Pubs are ok, you only risked being stabbed outside them or stuck in the middle of a fight.

Houses are OVERPRICED. The way people talk is awful to say the least. This town defines RACIST, it’s awful. It’s VERY incestuous, everyone is related. In many cases you see girl’s dads being their uncles (I WISH I WAS LIENG) or cousins are boyfriends…

YET you will find some AMAZING, LOVING + CARING communities in SOME cases – they still have hearts and people usually stick together. 🙂

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