Handforth, its got its good parts and its bad parts

Living in Handforth

Grew up in Handforth all of my life, its got a good reputation and a bad one, as it’s part of Cheshire and only a few miles from wilmslow where all the footballers and corrie stars live, that theory is wrong very wrong, Handforth is also known as “Gunforth” although I personally think it could be a lot worse. We are in between Wilmslow and Wythenshawe which is Manchester,Handforth is a Gorton overspill Gorton being an estate in Manchester, it’s got its good parts and it’s bad parts.

You have pretty much two parts to Handforth, the spath lane estate and the lakes estate, Spath lane estate is where I grew up the “rougher” side to Handforth, when I was growing up we were naughty kids but we had respect for elderly and others, if we had an issue with someone we never took it to their homes, Handforth Hall primary school was brilliant overcrowded but it was a good school before it was turned in Brooke Dean primary then closed down. Separating estates you have the village, a few shops and the paddock shopping centre which has about 10 shops on it, then there’s the meriton Road Park behind the paddock, not to be ventured into at night due to having no lights and local ***** who think their hard because they were their Nike tracksuit bottoms down their backside….

Let’s bring us to the Lakes estate, us spath lane kids used to call it the posh estate as all the houses are bought rather than housing association ex council like spath lane, the kids on there used to look down on us years ago and there was many “fights” they have a primary school on there called the Grange, that is also a good school although it’s now mixed with spath lane kids as Handforth Hall got closed.

How grim is your Postcode?

Handforth is overall a good place to live. Everyone knows everyone and it can usually take you half an hour to pop for a pint of milk from the shop which is 2 mins away because guaranteed you’ll bump into lots of people you know and have a good old chat.
The kids of Handforth aren’t like they were when I was a kid, they have no respect and their way of sorting out differences is setting up fake Facebook profiles and commenting on the local community group, completely different from the 80s and 90s they have no respect for anyone, when asked where their from they say in a broad fake manc accent that they are from Wythenshawe… The only true thing in that is they were probably born there….

Apart from the local disrespecting teenagers Handforth is a nice place to live and 90% of the people are friendly and down to earth.