Sale, Cheshire, a black hole of misery and despair

Living in Sale, Cheshire
Living in Sale, Cheshire

Sale is a god awful town on the edge of Cheshire and Lancashire.It boasts sights such as the Racecourse council estate, a variety of charity shops and charming locals.

Sale is possibly the most depressing place you will ever come across. The abundance of street performers with little or no talent will astound you. My personal favourite is a man who sits on a bench outside argos singing along to his radio, not sure whether hes a performer or just falling into insanity.

As i mentioned there are charity shops as far as the eye can see, I was once outside oxfam when a woman asked me to go and donate her money to them as she had been banned from the shop when she tried to shoplift from there. Other than charity shops there are the wide array of supermarkets ranging from Aldi to Heron foods.

How grim is your Postcode?

Although Sale may sound like **** paradise there are a few dwellers who are faux posh. they may occasionally take advantage of the M&S food deals but in reality do all their shopping at Aldi. These are the people who send their kids to Sale Grammar school despite the fact its a **** school they just go for the name.

All in all if you live in sale, get out while you can. It is a black hole of misery, despair and old people smell.

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