Living in Sale, Cheshire
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Cheshire, Greater Manchester, North West

Sale is a god awful town on the edge of Cheshire and Lancashire.It boasts sights such as the Racecourse council estate, a variety of charity shops and charming locals.

Sale is possibly the most depressing place you will ever come across. The abundance of street performers with little or no talent will astound you. My personal favourite is a man who sits on a bench outside argos singing along to his radio, not sure whether hes a performer or just falling into insanity.

As i mentioned there are charity shops as far as the eye can see, I was once outside oxfam when a woman asked me to go and donate her money to them as she had been banned from the shop when she tried to shoplift from there. Other than charity shops there are the wide array of supermarkets ranging from Aldi to Heron foods.

Although Sale may sound like chav paradise there are a few dwellers who are faux posh. they may occasionally take advantage of the M&S food deals but in reality do all their shopping at Aldi. These are the people who send their kids to Sale Grammar school despite the fact its a s**t school they just go for the name.

All in all if you live in sale, get out while you can. It is a black hole of misery, despair and old people smell.

  • Metal_Resistance

    I’ve lived in Sale for 30 years and I’d say it’s a good area. I’ve never seen any aggro or had any problems, except for when I had a lodger who was a bit dodgy. It’s actually quite an expensive area property-wise, and that tends to be for a reason – people want to live there. I don’t feel nervous walking through the centre at closing time never mind coming out of the tram station during the day as one comedian wrote.

  • Mari Buckley

    I grew up in Hope Road in Sale in the 1950/60s/70s and it was a lovely place to live! Oh and I went to Sale Grammar too, when it was just for girls, before the boys invaded! 😊 lol

  • Gus Disting

    yes ,,50 years in sale yep apostraPHE ,,, OUT OF TOWN JUNKIES MANY MURDERERS and killings,,blown gasket sounds like a cool pub if your into harleys or hotrods but no sign of any coolness there only 4 quid for a pint and told to leave coz your a working man wearing oily overalls due to dress code then theres ryans bar where women glass other women in face,, most of properties are rented out by landlords on the propety developmer gravy train though the office wallah tennents come and go in six month lease no respect for the neighbourhood dumping there rubbish in back entries and shitting in plastic bags,,, kids use to live and grow up here there was a community, there were street parties that has now long gone there is parking bays you have to pay for yet after 5 o clock everybody parks for free so you pay and cant get a space there are half million pound properties on otherside of town just like any other town thes s**t at lower levels if your on bottom of pyramid then expect if you lie with rats then y6our gonna get scabbies ,,so why are you whingeing and whining ,,you dont see pakistanis beating each other down and fighting in the streets drunk and on drugs ,,there to busy giving s**t like you somwhere to work and live you suckers,, posh my arse ,,if your a drug cartel of a chineese cannabis farmer you welcome to buy property here,,, there are no homes for the sale born and bred folk ,,there are brothels where working girls will look after you for twenty quid that are far nicer places to hang out than the pubs in sale as most of the more expensive establishments the folk are boring and snotty from out of town that cant afford to live with the cheshire set housewifes and footballers so if you do live in sale then you only have yourself to blame ,,you should have payed more attention at school and if you lived here all your life then i expect your not particually bothered coz you got a tv licence for free and you got the front door bolted like fort knox and you only got a few more years of life to do ,,i might sell up and move to bolton or bury i do like bradford on a summers evening you can smell those exotic spices drifting across the night air mmm all you can smell in sale is the sewage plant next to trafford center ,,where you probably work selling branded goods ,,whoopdedoop, even the canal folk are wannabe working class traveling folk they will pay thousands so they can empty there own buckets of sawdusted poo and their waitrose rubbish wastebins ,,take a step back and look how insignificant you really are ,,this world doesnt need you and it owes you nothing