Living in Swinton, Greater Manchester

Swinton is a sewer, I moved here from Macclesfield, big mistake!

As I walked around Swinton, I noticed the people looked like extras from The Walking Dead.

Living in Sholver, Oldham

Sholver, Oldham’s anus

Sholver, one windswept winter's night I found myself alone, cold and afraid on the streets of this shit smeared overspill.

Living in Shaw, Greater Manchester

Shaw: The Place That Joy Forgot

All in all, Shaw is a sh*thole, and thank god I'm leaving for good. If you like being a tw@t, it could be the place for you

Living in Bolton

Bolton is a dump

Pound shops and cheap takeaways are everywhere in Bolton. Some of the takeaways have reached the lofty heights of ONE star for hygiene.

Living in Stretford, Manchester

Stretford is a Mecca for chavs and scallies

Stretford chavs think they're the next Tony Montana because they've got a 2-plant weed grow-op in their loft.