Top 50 Worst Places to live in England 2021

Top 50 worst place to live in England 2021, as voted for by you
Top 50 worst place to live in England 2021, as voted for by you

Every year we run a poll throughout November and December to find the worst place to live in England. A staggering 125,681 visitors voted for 2021, smashing our previous year’s record. Let’s get down to the 2021 Top 50 with the ‘also rans’ from 50-11;

50. Sheffield
49. Boston
48. Wolverhampton
47. Chichester
46. Walsall
45. Northampton
44. Didcot
43. Barking & Dagenham
42. Brandon
41. York
40. Southampton
39. Reading
38. Burnley
37. Leicester
36. Stoke on trent
35. Accrington
34. Rotherham
33. Boscombe
32. Croydon
31. Middlesborough
30. Aldershot
29. Bolton
28. Blackburn
27. Nottingham
26. Sunderland
26. Ipswich
24. Slough
23. Rochdale
22. Andover
21. Swanley
20. Wigan
19. Newton Abbot
18. Aylesbury
17. Oldham
16. Grimsby
15. Blackpool
15. Barnsley
13. Castleford
12. Keighley
11. Doncaster

Here it is, the Top 10 worst places to live in England 2021;

10. Halifax

Just scraping back into the charts at No.10 from the ‘Cleckhuddersfax’ golden triangle of Yorkshire grimness is Halifax. The only reason you’ve probably heard of it is because of the Building Society that bares its name. If that wasn’t bad enough, its only other claim to fame is Ed Sheeran was born there. Here’s what our less-than-impressed contributors had to say:

I soon realised that I would need an interpreter in Halifax as the locals spoke only in grunts and squints
It came as quite a shock when the locals began inspecting and touching our clothing. I think it was the first time they had seen anyone without tracksuit bottoms and food stained hooded tops.
Nothing in the world can prepare you for Halifax. My girlfriend who comes from Bristol is often gobsmacked… and she only sees it on a weekend when the yokels are dressed up!
The lovely ladies are not chatted up in this town, they totter out of the nightclubs legless and sh*g in an alleyway. A truly awful town.

9. Torquay

Probably the biggest upset of this year and slamming in at No.9 is the English Riviera, Torquay. Famous for, well, not a lot really. We think John Cleese had the inspiration for Fawlty Towers after staying in a Hotel there or something. Anyway, here’s what our contributors had to say about this Devon seaside sh#t tip:

Torquay is probably the only seaside town in England where [email protected] outnumber seagulls
If you don’t have a kid by the age of 20, are you really from Torquay?
Make sure you bring no valuables, as these will get stolen and if you happen to park in Torquay, then chances are you’ll have to get public transport home.
The local roads are more congested than the bowels of a Conservative MP after a roast dinner.

8. Jaywick

Making its debut in our Top 10 is the infamous Jaywick. Regularly topping the charts as England’s most deprived area, if you’ve never heard of it, it’s a shanty town built on the undercarriage of Clacton-on-sea, Essex that makes even the worst bits of Blackpool seem like paradise. A seaside sh#thole where slumlords live in the Brooklands houses that overlook the beach, while letting out ramshackle glorified sheds behind them to the poor and destitute.

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7. Luton

2021 marks the return of Bedfordshire’s very own **** in the punch bowl, Luton. A town that spawned such world class denizens as Tommy Robinson and Britain’s ‘most dangerous prisoner’ Charles Bronson. Here’s what our contributors had to say:

A friend of mine used to work in ASDA and on many occasions she saw young [email protected] nicking pregnancy tests, popping into the store toilets then coming out about ten minutes later looking a) very relieved or b) saying “I’m going to the Lodge* tomorrow’. (*Lodge- place to get sorted for pregnancy, STIs, STDs etc.)
Marsh Farm is a genuinely scary place. Never walk past the high rise flats alone at night. You might find yourself being pissed on by a couple of ‘jokas’ tryin to out-piss each other from the roof of the flats.
The town itself is not easy on the eye, it makes Slough comparable to the playboy tax exile haven of Monaco
One of the most shocking moments of my year stay in Luton was on Christmas day. I went with my friend in his car to pick up some relatives. Only for my friend to point out the local McDonald’s. Explaining to me that it gets busier every year.

6. Wakefield

Clawing up two places from last year’s No.8 spot is Wakey! Famed for not much else other than being where the actress from Coronation street who hasn’t got a chin is from and celebrity wife beating cricketing gobsh#te Geoffrey Boycott. Here’s what our illustrious contributors think about the place:

I can’t stress how bad this place is. Little 9 year olds telling you to f#ck off when you are waiting at the bus stop, 6 people crammed into a small sh*tty car all with snapbacks on with a smirk-ish grin on their faces, etc etc etc. Need I go on.
My favourite thing about Wakefield is Westgate Railway Station – the gateway out of the place.
Wakefield’s cultural wilderness is astonishing. Its claim to fame is that it is the Rhubarb Capital Of The UK. Seriously.
The (in)famous “Westgate Run” can be funny to watch. A mating ground for those whom evolution forgot: apish men with shaven heads drag their knuckles along the floor, lumbering about after women in white stilettos and matching PVC cat suits, who clatter round screaming like banshees.

5. Hull

2021 also sees a welcome return of our illustrious 3 times winner, back in the game at No.5 is Kingston upon Hull. Our contributors did not hold back:

Where else can you see humans acting in such a depraved manner and view original and authentic 50’s post-war brutalist concrete architecture?
It’s like God’s little experiment, if he put the worst of everything into one pot and stirred it up a bit.
I personally recommend a day trip to Hull for all families, perhaps instead of a day trip to the zoo.
Hull to [email protected], is what the Sargasso Sea is to eels, one endless spawning ground.
If anybody is any doubt about the quality of people in ‘Ull just spend 10 minutes stood outside the Maternity Unit at Hull Royal Infirmary, watch in amazement as 15 year old Courtney shouts at her 3 kids to “fooking get back ‘ere or I’ll fooking bray yer” as she chain smokes her 3 cigs before re-entering the building to spitting out another no-dad.

4. Bradford

In at No.4 is the Yorkshire rose itself, Bradford. It would not be a Top 10 without a smattering of West Yorkshire’s finest taking the top spots, but this year it seems Bradford has unified the vote. Here’s what our contributors had to say:

Bradford, the land of opportunity, if it’s a takeaway or a pound shop you dream of opening.
Want the best deals come to Bradford, buy 1 get 1 free chicken and chips, a stolen PS4 from some Slovakian at Foster Square or some cheap deodorants from the local junkie desperate for his next fix.
Bradford is awash with the kind of people documentary producers dream about, if you want entire families of career criminal scroats with the morals of a paedophilic serial killer in your fly on the wall production.
In this city you will see more flashy cars than in any other cities because there is so much drug crime, it’s almost just part of everyday life. Trust me, this place makes Detroit look nice.
Stand outside Greggs and wonder aloud as to how babies with no teeth manage to eat pasties.

3. Liverpool

Taking the bronze position for 2021 it’s the self-pity city itself, Liverpool. For the first few weeks of voting it looked like the magnificent crapital of Merseyside would romp home as a landslide winner, but it was not to be. Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart, there’s always 2022! Here’s what our contributors had to say:

Seriously, the girls here are so unbelievably orange that even the thickest of sunglasses will be rendered useless. It literally peels the retinas from your eyeballs.
Situated on the border of Northern England and Wales, it draws the very worst characteristics of both regions, i.e Welsh pig-headedness and Northern self righteousness, a truly toxic stew of humanity.
If you can get past the accent and the copious amounts of phlegm that fly around every time the locals say a word with the letters ‘c’ or ‘k’ in them you have passed the first test. Don’t ever engage in conversation with a scouser about crockery or Krakow in Poland or you will surely be drenched.
I can’t put into words just how miserable growing up in this horrid place has been. The people attempt to grind you and your individuality down because they fear people with more than single digit IQs and who dress in clothes other than the latest black track suit.

2. Huddersfield

We admit it, we love an underdog. We are always rooting for ‘The Hudd’ at iLiveHere towers. Several times the jewel in the ‘Cleckhuddersfax’ crown took the lead in the voting. However it was not to be, with Huddersfield taking the silver medal again this year. What more is there to say about a town that lists one of its top attractions as a hill? Here’s what our contributors had to say:

There’s nothing but pound shops and a few coffee shops. It’s polluted, unclean and full of idiots. It’s a horrible place to live.
Not all of Huddersfield is bad… just 70% of it.
To those considering migrating to Huddersfield, first consider the minimum qualifying requirements:

  • Must have a minimum of three kids, of which at least one must be 50% genetically unrelated to the other two. (Preferably diagnosed with ADHD)
  • Must have a BMI greater than 30
  • Have teeth like a burnt-out fusebox
  • Must agree to dump a shopping trolley and/or a mattress in your sh#t tip of a garden

Huddersfield should be avoided by all those who desire to keep their wallets, mobile phones and most of all their sense of smell
If you like your car windows, teeth, kneecaps etc. then avoid this sh#thole like you would a man with leprosy! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

1. Peterborough

Retaining its crown as cherry on top of the sh#t cake and equalling a feat only achieved previously by the dystopian leviathan of Hull, Peterborough has topped the chart for 3 years in a row. Last year it won by the smallest of margins, this year it trounced all opposition, winning by thousands of votes despite having 2,000+ votes deducted because of vote rigging (c’mon now, who takes this tongue-in-cheek poll that seriously?!?). This Cambridgeshire **** town had a staggering number of votes daily from when the poll opened, nearly cashing the site at one point. 70% of the votes were also cast between 9am-5pm on laptops and desktop computers. Yes, we are looking at you, all those adults bored sh#tless during December and having a bit of a doss at work! Anyway, here’s what our contributors had to say about pete-brah:

One thing to bear in mind, if booking a weekend getaway in Peterborough, it is customary if a stranger holds eye contact with you for more than three seconds, to shout “WHAT”??? and become extremely aggressive.
I lived in Peterborough for 15 years and all I can say is wow. what a f*****g DUMP
The atmosphere in Peterborough is draining. You feel totally isolated from the rest of the world and life in general, as though everything else is going on and you’re not part of it as you’re stuck in this dump.
Peterborough should have been destroyed during WW2 but even Hitler and Goering didn’t think it was worth bothering with.
It is horrible and I urge you all to vote for it at the next vote (end of 2020) as the biggest sh#thole in England.

…and vote you did! We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to make this chart what it is every year. If your town didn’t make it, make sure you share the poll this November with your friends and make it happen. Check out the full top 50 results below to see where your town ended up in the sh#t heap!