East AngliaHerefordshire

Oh ***** of the World celebrate by making the journey to this cultural Mecca . If ***** have any ambition at all it is to move to this satellite dish , right to buy, black cab drivers paradise.
Fat dads jumping out of their cabs to take Mitchell,Jordan, and Taylor(they all have Surnames as forenames)to football. The next two hours spent screaming obscenities at everyone who doesn’t think that their repulsive offspring represent Englands best chance of success at the next World Cup.
The irony of this hellhole is that their Burberry,Prada,Stone Island is NOT fake. They take pride in telling people how much thet paid for such garish *****. At home 60″ plasma screens, white leather sofas, and the obligatory “professionally” done family photos assault your senses.He’ll have a pool room at home and a “bar”( I kid you not , this apparently is classy). Then the dads will start on the issue of benefit fraud and how every foreigner is “at it”. Shorty afterwards he’ll be found in his local regailng his pals with stories of how he fiddles his tax each year , n anyone who doesn’t is a “****** mug”.

I could write a book about these filth ,and their bilious mutterings.
How to spot them. Just go to Cheshunt , everyone is a ****. But apparently they’re above everyone else as they drive a Freelander to the beauty salon (thet’s mum and dad) and they are in denial about their **** Status.
It is ****** pitiful . It is South Hertfordshire in its full glory.

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