Poole “it’s a beautiful place”, yeah right!!!!!!

Living in Poole, Dorset

Poole… “it’s a beautiful place” my ****! Whoever used that quote for Poole must have a white stick. The place is a state and is probably one of the chaviest towns i have ever had to live in. I mean the place is heaving with them..like flies around a kebeb stick. Pulling up on the local bus into Poole bus station and you are welcomed by the ‘kfc’ ***** who seem to never leave that little corner of the bus station. Sometimes you can have up to 30 of them there at one time, along the bus station a bit you get a lot more, buzzin’ round the newsagents and sitting on the bench. ‘!!*Z wa***rs ******** !!??ZZX’ is all you can hear.

In the town centre dolphile shopping centre all you can see is groups of youths in track suits etc. It’s hard to avoid them. The high street is no different either, with idiots right up to the quay. All outskirts of Poole are full of groups and gangs, so it is not a very nice place to come on holiday, unless you live down sandbanks or over to the purbecks. This place is a real ********. I got of the train from London on Saturday, to poole. The first people I laid my eyes on were a bunch of *****!! Yet there were more loitering around the benches up wimborne road outside the londis. outrageous. London is far less ****** than poole and if you want a good holiday, then don’t come here or Bournemouth in that case. sh*thole!

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