High Wycombe, you would expect it to be a pleasant, it’s far from it

Located in the posh area of Buckinghamshire, you would expect High Wycombe to be a pleasant town. Far from it. The run down **** hole is full of gangs ******* around the street corners, and drug dealers standing on the pavements trying to act normal. In High Wycombe, there have been 4 murders in 3 months.

First I visited the well known end of Wycombe called Downley. I heard about such gangs as The Creepers and Downley City Vandals. They each have their own colour bandanna. Some members are known to be in jail. They are both mixed race gangs, consisting of black and white men between 13-20 years old. Most are Mc’s or Rappers who make tracks rapping about how gangster they are etc. I was told that it would not be a smart move to walk around Downley of a nighttime. Local ***** and gangsters run the streets, and a few weeks back, a man was found stabbed dead in a car on Downleys main road.

I should mention Castlefield. The place itself is full of ****, with litter everywhere. Castlefield is known as a White no go area. Somebody I know was mugged on the bus in Castlefield in broad daylight. It is an asian and Pakistani community and the youths did seem to give a warm welcome to a white face.

How grim is your Postcode?

Many pointed at me as i drove through, and some even shouted abuse.

Micklefield is on the other end of town, and consists of gangs such as the east side riders. it is a most black community, although some white people do live there. Gangs rule the area. everybody in the area seems to get on well, but, outsiders such as gangs from different areas cause turf wars.

High Wycombe also has a feud with rival town Slough. Wycombe gangs and Slough gangs have an ongoing war, and are always making “tracks” about each other.

Overall high wycombe is a smelly ********, full of gangster ***** with fake gold and fake diamond earrings. If you can avoid the place, i would advise you do.
Thank you for reading.