Oxford, where posh people impose segregation on everyone else

Living in Oxford, you're either Town or Gown

This is class war pure and simple. Instituted by the posh, the privately educated, the connected, those who have money and go to Oxford University, the majority of whom are white (99.9%) private school twats.

The class segregation excludes the rest of the “people” of Oxford, those people who didn’t have riding lessons, go fox hunting, shoot pheasants for a laugh, or went to private school and studied Latin. Yes, that is probably 99% of the population. This is the Oxford bottom up apartheid that discriminates against everyone who isn’t a posh *** and has his or her head up their own backside. There is no middle here, there are extremes. It’s a horrible, very expensive and unfriendly place, full of freaks.

I have never known a more polarised and divided town. When I first moved here 14 years ago I learned the phrase “Town & Gown”. This means the town and the university divide and basic hatred of each other. There is no happy middle here. The posh women dress in white jeans, boots, wax jackets, jumpers etc. you know the prep school look, and they can afford to. The posh blokes, classicality red or maroon jeans/trousers , stripy long sleeve shirt basically looking like a tramp but talking posh. This isn’t fake Burberry, this is the real deal. These people have money and lots of it. They speak a different language, it’s English, but it’s posh and it’s spoken to ensure that you “know your place” in society.

How grim is your Postcode?

The “normal people” who just work for a living and not connected with high society and Oxford University are forced to the opposite extreme, they become more **** like and feel that they have to behave like extreme examples of “low class ****” just to fit in. The real **** population is the worst you would ever see.

I once met a “middle class” girl, (well she would have been in any other city in the UK) a scientist with a degree (but not an Oxford degree) she was working in Oxford. She had taken to shagging in the back of her car in Tesco car park and places like that with some bloke she met who also had a girlfriend anyway. This was a lady who was close to 30!! Why would a professional behave like that? – my point is made – Oxford, pushes normal people to behave like trashy ***** because you polarise yourself to the extreme. You have no choice, you are **** in Oxford, a place where posh takes on a new meaning and is frankly quite demeaning, where ***** are scarier that you would care to imagine.