Ipswich has pathetic gangs the FRONT LINE WARRIORS & YE$ YE$ BRUV CREW

Living in Ipswich, Suffolk

Just adding to the many of the observations of previous posts on Ipswich. Yes the ***** of Ippy do feed their toddlers at McDonald’s. The diet of malnutrition and slow build-up of toxins could be one of the key influences for this now nationally recognised class. In the early to mid/maybe late nineties the ‘ch@vs’ used to be called ‘Garys’ and ‘Sharons’ in old Ippy. They used to go around shouting ‘greebo’ at people who could basically just be anything other than a ****. (actually they still do that).

Apparently in the 60s the mods used to call rockers greebos. The death of the British manufacturing industry combined with the providence of the welfare system could be one reason why working class children are not working in the mines anymore out of sight and mind. I live in a strange limbo world, a sheltered street of detached housing in between suburbs of terraces about 20 mins walk from the town centre. I went to Copleston, which is generally considered to be the second poshest state comprehensive in Ippy next to Northgate (wow). Apparently we were supposed to be really scared of all the kids that went to Chantry, Hollywells and Westbourne and practically everywhere, because that was like the council estates and ****. Where as Copleston’s catchment falls in and around a kind of semi-detached my-dad-runs-a-double-glazing-company sort of area: stone-cladding, volvos and privet hedges etc.

My neighbourhood was always a haven of quiet elderly or religious types. I have lived in Ipswich 23 years and I can honestly say I’ve hardly ever even been to Nacton, Gainsborough or Whitehouse. I’ve seen Chantry loads because thats where the other chavvier side of the family lives. There’s a bridge over the railway line at the end of my road. It’s the dividing line between detached house land and terraced land. Mind you my old primary school’s right in the middle of the terraces but that place was great. That must have been in the days of the good old honest working classes though I suppose.

How grim is your Postcode?

Unfortunately the hoody ****** mentality seems to have taken over that once reliable bastion of good old flat cap type folk. Now there are two self-style gangs of local asbo kids who call themselves respectively the ‘FRONT LINE WARRIORS’ and the ‘YE$ YE$ BRUV CREW’. (no I’m not even joking they really are that sad). They have vandalised the new bridge with terrible graffiti tags. They literally wrote that yes yes bruv **** complete with dollar sign S’s all across the wall in foot high letters. They make poor attempts to intimidate passers by. (there are only about 15 of them). I once came home from work to find about 4 police officers hiding round the corner of the bridge looking like they were about ready to pounce on the deadly gangs should they arrive. This is the problem with policing. Why were there 4 officers kipping off in a quiet suburban street waiting to pounce on twelve year olds and slam them with cautions and tickings off when all it really should require is one man with a flamethrower?

Oh and what is it with them ******* round outside Mace and Spa shops? Singh and Sons off-license is more expensive but everyone goes there now. They’ve capitalised on the fact that none likes going to the Freehold Rd Spa anymore cos of all the scabbing rat children.