Wolverhampton: the hidden wonders of trash

Living in Wolverhamton, West Midlands

No wonder why this place was in the worst places in the world in 2009 because It’s true. I live between Wolverhampton and Walsall unfortunately which are full of countless dodgy looking people.

I have been to Wolverhampton city centre loads of times and it’s is common to see trash flying around everywhere and women walking around with makeup smoking while holding a pram. If you have ever been to the train station you will know that there are loads of people smoking and then blowing the ashes at your face.

The school I go to is probably the worst school I have ever attended. You will see loads of ch**y looking people. Racism is a common thing there. One incident happened when my mate was racially abused. They didn’t bother reporting it, because teachers will do **** all. Plus there is one racist teacher which I won’t mention [best not -Ed].

How grim is your Postcode?

And don’t ever step into Mosely Road since it’s full of people who love to terrorise others. And don’t go to Darlaston Lane since it’s full of cr***heads.

Some people mostly 15-16 year olds would go to parties and they would take dozens of whiskey and alcohol with tons of coke and drugs and they would end up throwing up all over the place, shout through the windows, ending up blacking out from cigarettes and then ending up getting arrested by the feds. I have known a lot people in my school who do this so I’m not that surprised. In school they would use some powder and snort it in class while pressuring others to do it.

Oh and also don’t go to Bentley bridge at night since it’s full of teens who are drunk and riding their bikes on the road causing havoc everywhere.

Ever since moving here in 2008 I am relieved that I’m moving back to London this year. Oh and one more note, you will see countless ch**y families everywhere in Wolverhampton.