40% full of fatherless delinquints, you will get quite alot of decent boro folk, but once you venture out at night you will see the real underbelly of the beast. ****-girls dressed all proudly in their latest stolen white tracksuites following ******, uneducated, ugly and not to mention dirty male *****.

one area, acklam living on the borders of whinneybanks aka whinney bronx has ***** with kareoke machines playing happy hardcore music loudly and screaming, in the way only a pubescent **** can…. 60% of whinneybronx is now demolished, the evicted tenents have moved into the once quiet areas, doing what ***** do best….. ruining it.

not far behind are their parents, normally sprouting gold ear-rings, overly fat and ugly. nothing more disgusting. except maybe teenage chavgirls… ugh im gonna vomit!!

chavcars… well, since the invention of guranteed-car-credit they all have uptodate vehicles, vectras and astras seem to be the favorite **** vehicles, with the odd one with a more fancy vehicle brought with his hard earned benefit fraud money and his “compo” he got from the council for his trip on a pathway that even a drunk couldnt trip.

How grim is your Postcode?

wander into the town centre in teh early hours and you wil see all the smackheads, weirdos and ugly **** crackwhores(god they are ugly)etc… all wander out, abit like GTA3 at 2am

if you hate *****, middlesbrough is the last real place you want to come. those who say it doesnt deserve the reputation it has…. obviously need to get out just abit more.