Wyrley Birch Estate, Erdington, Birmingham, never leave any valuables on sight

I don’t think I have ever had to live in a chavier place than the Wyrley Birch Estate. When you come here the first thing that you will notice is the uniform. Which is grey, white or navy blue track suits. Baby pink or white for the girls or a “Onesie”, which they wear in the daytime to go shopping and such.

It’s very common to see couples walking up and down the road with a dog in one hand and a push chair in the next always a *** in the mouth. Or to see heavily pregnant **** mothers chain smoking. Heaven forbid you even glance at one of them on your way to work, or you may get, “Wot Blood? WOT!” Even the little **** children who are 6 and younger speak in this lingo. (Just imagine glancing at a 6 year old and having them come up to you with arms outstretched..”WOT BLOOD WOT! WANT SOME OF THIS!”).

Any little thing like, washing your car, or having a friend come over to your house results in various **** families around the area coming out of their houses and saying, “I wanda who dat is?” (Guess the only other entertainment they get is soaps, drinking booze and smoking drugs.)
Most people will sun bathe or such at the back of their garden or if they are throwing a small garden party it will be done at the back. Not here. Everything is done in the front of the garden. Which can be very entertaining when a fight (which always happens) breaks out and you see them wrestling the police.

How grim is your Postcode?

Never leave any valuables on sight, the crime rate here is through the roof. One of the first things we noticed when we moved here was a ladies house being broken into in broad daylight. Which resulted in us getting like a million locks placed on every door in our house. So far we’ve only had our shed broken into a few times.

There are still Taxi Drivers who will refuse to pick you up or drop you off into the area if they know you are in Wyrley Birch or going to that area. I’ve actually experienced this and was chucked out of the taxi in heavy snow and forced to walk home. Taxi driver thought I had a knife in my bag, I was just getting some money out to pay him.

It’s extremely common to have Police cars just strolling around the area and having helicopters buzzing overhead like something from a police detective programme.

No matter what time of day you come into the area you will always see a deal going down. May it be drugs or otherwise.

There used to be a selection of shops here and they got closed down because they were constantly being broken into even the bloody postbox! so yeah…That had to go too….

Like many areas typical like this one unemployment is high, unless you are a criminal which here is like every 9 out of 10 people. I’ve lived in many rough areas and I think this one really is in a league of it’s own. It’s like living on a live set of that programme “Shameless.”