Hounslow is looking pretty rough these days

Why there so much rubbish everywhere in Hounslow? It seems to be common practice to dump items like fridges, beds, old rusty microwaves and stained mattresses on any available street corner or back alley. I can’t quite work out how or when they dump them, it must be pretty hard not getting seen walking along the road with an extra large fridge, even at night?

Hounslow is a great place to learn any language apart from English, you will not hear anyone talking the mother tongue of the U.K. If you close your eyes on a warm day & take in the local sounds you could almost be in India or Pakistan and now on a cold day it could feel like Poland.

Aircraft landing gear can be heard dropping down from the A380 monsters that appear to be landing in the high st. Hounslow high street is so close to Heathrow runway, the planes are about 30 foot above and if you are new to area it’s quite a shock the first time you see people waving out the cabin Windows.

How grim is your Postcode?

The smells from the various ethnic food eateries (can’t be called restaurants) blend in with the broken glass & what looks like rotten old rags that are chucked in the street. Guess a few weeks of rain and car tyres driving over them make the effect! I’ve often thought some of those rubbish bags could be hiding some deadly sins since the smell is just so awful some days.

I was corrected on this, the smell comes from up the road from a place called Mogden Sewage Works (3rd largest sewage treatment works in Europe). Oh my god, on many a wet warm evening you could be mistaken in thinking the person sitting next to you has “dropped their lot”. How do Estate Agents sell properties to anyone with a clear set of nostrils?

To sum up in a few words- Black, bleak, dirty, knackered old dump sitting on the end of one of the worlds busiest runways!! To visit is a once in a lifetime experience. If you pick up a cab at the airport do not complain about what a dump Hounslow is, he probably lives there.