York – From Hell to Middle Class Hades

Living in York, North Yorkshire

Been away from York for about 10 years and recently returned. So many changes to report. Something of a cycling city, my previous report bemoaned the number of teenager that would rat run the pedestrianised area, flattening anyone that got in their way. I presume that in the last 10 years these inappropriately attired (in sportswear) urban terrorists have finally been penned up in their ghettos. Whether those ghettos are the old favourites of Chappy, Bell (end) Farm and Tang Hall but this is subject to verification.

What hasn’t changed is the number of cyclists that still assume the pedestrianisation laws don’t apply to them. Where c***s once reigned supreme they have now been replaced by fast food delivery riders that stop for nothing (lest the junk they are carrying goes from hot to warm and generates enough weapons grade bacteria to effectively end the life of the lazy recipient that can’t be bothered to cook) or smug eco-wallies riding Dutch uprights with a smug grin on their middle class mugs to the next Extinction Rebellion gathering in the city (replete with cous-cous butties no doubt).

If you are on a low income forget York. This once thriving industrial city of confectionary and railways only has two kinds of occupant.

How grim is your Postcode?

1. The Leeds/Manchester commuter brigade who probably earn big bucks in useless industries like media, advertising or finance and use this dosh to price the locals out of housing and drive up prices in the trendy local indie shops (middle class boll*cks nosh anyone?)

2. The oppressed, ripped off, underpaid, overworked service sector employees that service these hipsters and their little darlings Loganberry and Lemondrop. The standard fayre of 0 hours contracts and low pay does seem to keep them happy because they are too busy bootlicking their social-democratic faux socialist pro brexit/XR supporting betters, is easier than organising themselves into a decent Trade Union and teaching these petit bourgeois pr@ts the lesson they so easily deserve.

To conclude this 2nd decade neo-liberal civil war which is of no interest to the working class is alive and well in York. The pervading odour of my last report of McCr@p has largely been replaced the the fresh smell of artisan bread and something scraped up off the cracks in the pavement for the veggie lentil munchers.

The fate of the previous generation of charvers and silly diddlies remains unknown at this time.