Jaywick: Drugs have brought this place to its knees

Living in Jaywick, Essex

Jaywick has one of the nicest beaches in Essex, but buried in the fine golden sands you will find beer cans, cigarette butts, condoms and spliffs. Drugs have brought this place to its knees and the folks who are unfortunate enough to live in one of the rickety huts that lines its streets either originate from East London or prison.

It’s a shame as there is another population of older residents in Jaywick who have lived there all their lives and remember it before it was invaded with problem families. Thefts and assaults are rife.

There’s a reason why Ross Kemp visited what he dubbed as ‘Britain’s toughest seaside resort’. When the police drive through Jaywick, word spreads like wildfire and by the time they get to the end of the road, everyone knows they’re there.

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