Living in luton in Chatham
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If you venture out on a dark winters night in the old luton area of chatham then beware, every movement you make will be watched by a 1000 pairs of eyes, some will be muggers in the shadows weighing you up,others will be aids ridden little crackhead whores being flogged by ethnic gangs of pimps who also sell crack and heroin.

Whatever you do, never let your wife or daughters out alone at night.  My disabled friend got mugged there on his mobility scooter for his medication, then they threw him and the scooter over a church wall.  He was found the next day.  Another old sikh lady was found in the freezer in the muslim halal pie shop and butchers.  Draw your own conclusions about that but they all got life.  Avoid the New Rd chatham that’s where all the whores work.  Mostly dirty old moutters.  In fact they would shag anything, but you are more likely to get ripped off.  It’s a little gang of clippers, they are like feral scumsh*te and would sell their baby sisters as well as the granny.  The huge majority allegedly claim to be of romany descent.

This place, Luton, Chatham, is the official homeland of inbred chavs and chav prostitutes.  The place is filthy dirty and has been run down for the last 100 years. it’s without doubt the worst place in Kent bar none.  It’s got every ethnic breed of muggers, rapists. druggies and thieves.  If you asked anyone from medway what’s the worst place, this would win hands down.   Always keep to the outside of the pavement because it’s infested with 00s of alleyways, the old mutters all walk around with their filthy unwashed hair up and big hoop earrings shouting ‘dickeye chavvy ill cur you and ya mate for a score’.  The normal people that lived here before, are now under siege and slowly being driven out and the original inbreds have now mated with the latest wave producing a whole new wave of benefit scroungers, who no doubt will carry on the family trade.

Driving through this necropolis of the dead and dying, you cannot but be struck by the look of absolute despair on the faces of the older people who remember the good days, before 00s of slimy scumbag landlords bought up all these shitty properties to deliberately let them to people like this.  Nobody else would live there, it’s the original despair all hope ye who enter. it’s a festering sore on Medway and should have been bulldozed years ago, worst slum in the south. The cesspit of medway.

One of our editors has driven down Luton Road and can confirm it was the only time they were grateful that their car had automatic central locking. – iLiveHere

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