I am sick of Croydon

oh god where do i start? when they’re not working in one of the shops they’re ******* about around those shops, or outside croydon college instead of inside learning, so that they can get out of that **** hole, and when they do they talk loudly in the library when theres a dozen better places to do so!

yes, as you can tell, i am not a very big fan of the town that i am equally proud and ashamed to call my prima domus – Croydon. now, *****, oh dear oh dear oh dear.still, look on the brightside, if these lazy, anti-social, pseudo intimidatingly stupid ******* actually applied themselves and got in the libraries, instead of ******* around st. georges walk, or outside the college, or outside in the katherine street park, then perhaps they would get better jobs and better houses and make it a lot harder for a guy like me, who is actually working hardto aspire to these things and get out of croydon. To quote the pumpkins “we only come out at night” and never has a truer word been spoken about the croydon ****… there are so many poor pubs and clubs for these morons to frequent, such as lloyds, mcluskeys ( one shooting two stabbings), but yet they try to infiltrate the last refuge from the ****… the black sheep bar. The women, oh no no no no no… me and my ex lovingly entitled them Croydon ********: a mini denim skirt, half a bottle of st tropez, dirty great big earrings, a halter neck top (but only in the winter) and those dumb winkle picker type shoes. and the men Croydon ******* hardly steeped in originality but neither is their dress sense, such as black shoes, black trousers and a blue shirt tht they either bought from what was once the jewel in the crown of the croydon shopping experience, Allders, but is now the chaviest store outside of BRomley’s primark. someone might be adventourous and wear brown shoes and even a brown belt and consider themselves sophisticated! yes, croydon really is ****** but what does make me laugh is that, whilst i am on the highway outta there ( to southampton which has a rather worryingly high score on **** towns, but this was one website which i neglected to look at when i was choosing uni, but would heartedly recomend to other younger students to do so) there are 6 skiving ***** this very minute in the park moaning about how **** croydon is and how soon, when they’ve done those rertakes next year they’re gonna get into uni like kingston or brunel and get the hell outta croydon, whilst by the fountain on the other side of the parkthere are 6 homeless alcoholics sitting there remembering when they had dreams, and don’t you just know that in 30 years time there’s gonna be 6 drunks and 6 students in the exact same place…

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