Knightsbridge or Bugatti chaville!

This place used to be exciting, racy and dare I say it classy! Not any more, it is now the home of a serious *********** of ********* that hides behind wads and wads of petro dollars! Boy racers in million pound cars make their best efforts to mow down any pedestrians attempting to cross the road outside that temple of bling Harrods.

If you go into the bars of any of the supposedly upscale hotels and smart restaurants you will soon notice that nasty breed, the high class escort. Attempting to ponce expensive Champagne and using their bodies to subsidise a septum dissolving coke habit is the order of the day for these blinged up designer clothes wearing harlots. They are easily spotted on the arms of men old enough to be their Grandfathers and rich enough to buy a Jumbo Jet.

The worst outbreak of ********* is the new development of hundred million pound flats at one Hyde Park. This Candy and Candy brothers monstrosity, houses many of the worlds biggest kleptocrats and thieves in grandeur that would befit a King, some of the residents are not far off such titles either. Stay away at all costs it’s even rougher than nearby **** haven Kensington!

How grim is your Postcode?