Henley-on-Thames. Yes, surprising I know…

Now, this really is a lovely little town. Very affluent, nice people, nice area. BUT… There seems to be more and more ***** infiltrating the town by the day. Is is the fact that ‘Mini Afghanistan’ was created opposite the ‘Jet’ garage, or the fact that the delightful ‘gainsborough estate’ is now simply a slum clearance area?

Either way, the general inhabitants of this town can’t fail to see the downward spiral of the town, what with the majority of the proles now working on the building site of the former brakespear brewery, they have money to spend, frequenting the delights of ‘club unique’, ‘The Victoria’ and the **** haven that is ‘The Catherine wheel’. We don’t have a Mcdonalds, but salvation is found with ‘wimpy’ (i **** you not).

Special mention of course must go to the plebs who ‘hang around’ the square, shouting nonsense at the ‘posh’ people. These people really do stand out like a sore ****, you’d be surprised how much Burberry has crawled into town, coupled with the chunky argos jewellery shipped in from Reading.

How grim is your Postcode?

Go away filth!