Living in Dagenham
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Anglia, Essex, United Kingdom

Dagenham has all the charm of a fetid pool of primordial muck. If Chav heaven is in Romford, then Dagenham is the gateway between heaven and hell.

Like Romford, Dagenham has its own nightlife, but most of this involves the not so elusive Chav and the ever famous Dagenham Bowl, a bowling alley that seems to revolve around childrens slot machines and american pool tables.

The main attraction of Dagenham is the entertainment complex located just off of the busy A13. A wide variety of fast food restaurants offer a cornocopia of choice, for all of those hungry Chavs who spent a hectic night terrorising the locals.

For all those graffiti artists out there, Dagenham is the place to be, ‘Representing the Nam’ is an ever popular past time for, not only Dagenham, but for the surrounding areas. Throwing up your tag is the best way to be noticed in this area.

For all of those looking for the heaving nightlife of Dagenham, youll be looking for a long time. Most of the pubs in this area have been shut and knocked down over the past few years, due to all you cheeky underage drinkers out there.

The closest you will find to Dagenham’s nightlife would be at the Dagenham Heathway.
(Situated handily on the District line, for all you out of town Chav’s)
This place has something for all Chav’s, whether it be stealing phones or for terrorising the locals.

Dagenham is well known for its drug dealers, so if your looking for that artificial high, then Dagenham is the place to score a hit.

If you Lad Chavs are looking for a nice girl to knock up then walk out on, Dagenham is deffinatly the place to be. Also nicknamed as Slagenham, Dagenham is one of the most well known places for teenage pregnancy’s in the UK.

So if your a Chavette looking for some nice cushty benefits then this is your Mecca, and for the Chavs and teenybopper Chavs of tomorrow, this is the place to sew your seed.

If your looking for a place where rape, murder and drug taking is all the rage then Dagenham is your haven.

Older Chavs dont frequent Dagenham as much as their teenybopper counterparts, even if they come from there. They prefer the thumping nightlife of Romford.

And remember, if you support West Ham, but dont want to live in East London, then Dagenham is the halfway point to the East End and Essex, so it will be your best bet for cheap housing and its right on the doorstep to Chav Heaven in Romford and football heaven in Upton Park.

  • Elcee

    Some truths, but a lot of exaggeration also in this article! I live in Becontree which i feel is the nicer part of Dagenham. I see young professionals, most people around my residence work everyday, own their own homes and drive their own cars. We have a community spirit where people actually atill greet eachother “Morning” and look out for their neighbours! Dagenham is being regenerated and i feel a lot of the chavy types are slowly being “Moved on” . Every area has good and bad…no town is perfect. Check Barking and Dagenham in the next 5years it will be completely transformed. By the way the houses are no cheaper same market value as any other urban area.
    The definition of Cockney has changed over time so there are no Mockneys its just an accent some people have inherited/ choose to use to speak. (That’s their business). Otherwise all people on TOWIE are all mockneys coz they live nowhere near the Bow Bells!


  • 666777

    Dagenham is a Pykie piss hole. I hate the place. I left the east end in the mid eighties for the same reason that everyone else left. The place is so characterless, every house is the same! The people are not much cop either, it’s all tracksuit bottoms, blokes wearing ear rings, covered in tattoos, walking about with a can of lager in their hands and or smoking a joint, they like making out they’re cockneys when they’re not (Mockneys). The area is sandwiched between East London and Essex, a soulless s**t hole as far as I’m concerned. Most of the bods form Dagenham I’ve met I just can’t get on with. Most of them are wrong uns’, I long to go back to Plaistow, but that area has been wiped out. Still, I will be moving soon. I just want to steer well clear of Essex altogether to be honest.

  • cliff odell

    boy times have change since i left in 1968 things were tough then but now wow

  • sure-thing-brv

    you lippy cunnts you do have a flucking clue about east london its darkest place in london its the asshole of London but i love it .. we have pie n mash and west ham plus eastenders and WW2 history plus 1966 3 goals all west flucking ham, plus plus not clunt flucks with west ham boys …

  • ramm

    Dagenham is better innit my sun .. WEST HAM ALL WAY TO THE TOP GO YOU F*****G C***S

  • maxx

    upton park it the biggest dump in london. you be tempted to buy a cheap house or flat but unfortunately all these homes are ex-council places and your be chav Ville, not a nice place too much ASB

    • ann-Margaret

      your right maxx , yea well I was a muppet for buying a house their, I just look at the price and location Innit the whole thing was a living nightmare and was not easy to sell up.. when you see something so cheap, understand their is always a reason for something cheap

      • sad nam

        you should’ve gone to Barking..

  • Anonymous

    How the f**k can you say Dagenham is a pleasant place to live in? This is literally the first place a purge should happen.

  • kylie

    that’s just a piece of crap. Dagenham is NOTHING LIKE THAT SO FLIP OFF

  • The honest one

    I believe dagenham is going through a transition. Initially it was occupied by mainly working class whites or the typical council type chav, who seemed to wear their chaviness as a badge of honour. However in recent years there has been a influx of professional people from various other cultures, and as a result the area is slowly regenerating. Another byproduct of this is a lot of the intolerant and ignorant whites that originally occupied the area have now moved further out into essex. unfortunately you are left with some like minded individuals who don’t have the means to follow i.e the chavy council types. This is still a factor lowering the area. But bit by bit dagenham is gradually becoming a more diverse and pleasant place to be for all cultures.

    • John

      Obviously, you wear rose tented spectacles; I have lived in Dagenham since 1967 and it has gone from bad to worse. If it is regenerating, it is regenerating into a bigger s**t hole that it was before; the local council cares nothing for its residents at all and foments devisive policies to keep your average Joe, or is that Mohammed, as oppressed as possible; the education establishment cares even less as Dagenham is amongst the lowest of the low achievers in the educational league tables. Dagenham never has been, and never will be, a pleasant place to live, regardless of culture, colour or creed.

  • i woz ere

    Dagenham is not the most pleasant place on earth, but it aint the worst either. It can be quite rough at times, including various types of murder. Still, there is much parkland, including a country park & good transport links. There’s shops there, tho no large centre, tho there is in nearby Barking & Romford. If you dont wanna live in east London you cannot live in Dagenham cos its 100% east London, tho a relatively short drive along the A13 will take you out of London.
    Dagenham: caution needed, but dont carry a body bag around, it might get nicked.

    • John

      For starters, Dagenham is in Essex, Dagenham is not in east London. Quite obviously, you are from the S**t hole called Dagenham; this is evident from your post, allow me to explain:
      You use the word ain’t; worse still, you misspell it (note the apostrophe in the correct spelling). You use text speak instead of English. For example tho instead of though, and you even managed to misspell one of those ‘cos’ is both a lettuce and a Greek island – I think that you meant to say ‘coz, which is the commonly accepted abbreviation of because (note the emphasis on COMMON because that describes 99.99999% of those that reside in the town). Lastly, there is no such word as dont; if you meant the contraction of do do and not, do not, it is don’t – note the apostrophe.
      Dagenham is a dive, always has been and always will be; at least as long as uneducated morons occupy the houses and repopulate the town with more of their kind.

      • Billyj

        Dagenham is no longer in Essex but London, we are not all morons living here. Have you ever lived in Dagenham? Amongst the people (probably not). I walk through Dagenham when i finish work at 11pm and have never had any trouble. Oh and people still say Good morning.

      • Geography Police

        For starters, Dagenham ain’t been in Essex for over half a century. It is in London. LONDON Borough of Barking & DAGENHAM is an obvious clue.

  • Very funny i love it any drugs in my area of Lodge Avenue 230 best watch out i have cctv on you