Living in Northampton
  Written by Anonymous. Pic Via

Northampton, once a beautiful little market town, now a turdhole, overflowing with the vilest human filth. When did this transformation begin? In my lifetime, at the end of the 1960s, when the gormless c*nts at the borough council decided to demolish anything of historical beauty and quaintness. They ripped out what was left of the ancient heart of the town (Spring Boroughs, Mare Fare etc.) and replaced the many wonderful old buildings with the most hideous, depressing architecture imaginable. They also ripped up and displaced the community of a once thriving suburb. The council then began to build cheap, shitty housing for the London Over-spill retards and attempted to make these shitholes sound inviting by calling the estates names like “Thorplands”, “Blackthorn” and “Lings”. These cesspits soon became full of the scum of the earth who bred like rabbits and produced even scummier offspring. The Eastern District soon became full, so the council opened up more land to house the vermin in Hunsbury, Danes Camp and Sixfields and of course, the benefits dependent filth thrived like mushrooms in a cowpat. This is how the Northampton’s chav came into being, a product of lazy, pig ignorant parenting. Unfortunately they are here to stay. There are just too many of them – like sewer rats.

Look at photos of Northampton from 50 or more years ago and your head will be left spinning. Why would anyone in their right mind want to wreck such a pretty little town? Abington Street, once full of gracious buildings is nothing more than a piss-soaked shopping precinct, containing shops that noone in their right mind would want to visit. Ancient streets around St Peter’s Church are long gone, replaced by ugly ring roads and hideous buildings where “Mr and Mrs Thick” spend their weekends wasting time stuck in traffic and maxing out their credit cards on more, useless s**t to fill their reality TV lives. The nightlife is as hideous as anywhere in the provincial UK. Unimaginative, predictable and gormless, overflowing with orange-tanned slappers and moronic, empty-headed slugs. Thank f*ck I live in Australia!

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