Worst places to live in South West

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  1. Living in or moving to Saltash, Cornwall

    Saltash: behind the smoke and mirrors lies a cruel, jealous, vindictive town

  2. Living in Chard, Somerset

    Chard, the houses remind me of Cambridge… if it had been bombed

  3. Living in Seaton, Devon

    Seaton, Devon, is over-run with pensioners

  4. Stroud, Gloucestershire, Property Guide

    Stroud, who wants to be stared at by a group of inbreds?

  5. Tewkesbury – Delightful and Convenient

    Tewkesbury – Delightful and Convenient

  6. Living in Dartmouth, Devon

    Dartmouth, Devon, picture postcard or chavsville?

  7. Living in Bridport, Dorset

    Bridport: historic twat town

  8. Gloucester, Property guide and review

    Gloucester – boil on backside of humanity!

  9. Living in Warminster

    Warminster is a run down, dingy, inbred, dull, grey, depressing town

  10. Living in Northleach, Gloucestershire

    Northleach: an olde worlde smokescreen masking drugs, depression & squalid inbreeding

  11. Living in Heamoor

    Heamoor, Cornwall, unknowingly venturing into the lion’s den

  12. Torbay