Living in Bournemouth

Bournemouth, quite possibly the biggest lie ever conceived.

There are some places where you wish that Bournemouth would be hit by a giant f*cking asteroid & sent back to a time when chavs didn't exist

Living in Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset

I had the misfortune of visiting Boscombe

Boscombe must rate highly as the scum-bag capital of the UK.



This article and the comments that followed it have been removed at the request of Aldridge & Brownlee Solicitors, Bournemouth. I must take this opportunity to remind my users that if you will

Living in Bournemouth, Dorset

Sunny, Sunny Bournemouth, it’s more like crappy, crappy Bournemouth

I think recently Bournemouth was voted a great place to live in a big poll... What the hell happened there then?

Living in Boscombe and Southborne, Bournemouth

Boscombe & Southbourne in Bournemouth, my advice is stay away!

Not quite a council estate, Boscombe was once a nice seaside town until everyone went away for their holidays and Boscombe became rough.