Worst places to live in Somerset

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  1. Living in Nailsea, Somerset

    Nailsea: Where the old come to die

  2. Living in Frome, Somerset

    Frome: Trapped in Vegan Hell

  3. Living in Watchet, Somerset

    “I hate life and Watchet” – said a poignant piece of graffiti

  4. Living in Glastonbury

    Glastonbury: it’s hard to find anyone who isn’t blowing shamanic smoke up their own arse

  5. Living in Bristol

    Bristol: A battle between hipster and chav

  6. Living in Wells, Somerset

    Wells – Posh veneer, chav underbelly

  7. Living in Yeovil

    Yeovil, Chavtopia ten years later- the final chavter

  8. Living in Minehead, Somerset

    Minehead, Grockels come to here to paddle their hairy toes in the sea

  9. Living in Chard, Somerset

    Chard, the houses remind me of Cambridge… if it had been bombed

  10. Living in Yeovil, Somerset

    Yeovil, neatly situated in the arse end of nowhere

  11. Living in Bath, Somerset

    Bath, Somerset – needs a good clean!

  12. Taunton