Living in Gloucester
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Gloucestershire, South West

Oh dear Gloucester, what happened to you? A once proud cathedral city leading to the Cotswolds is now a crime ridden concrete hell-hole, festering with chavs, homeless and criminals.

The city centre could be worse, the cathedral is impressive and there are some nice old Tudor houses and quaint little shops etc.

But that’s as far as the positives go.

Let me paint a picture for you: step outside the confines of the city centre in any direction and you will be faced with a different problem. One option is to head towards the bus stops where you will find some of the ugliest architecture outside of the former soviet republic. The run down shops include a cash converters AND a cash generators for the legions of petty thieves to offload their stolen items.

Head further along this area until you reach the infamous Barton road, Britain’s most ‘multi-cultural’ street according to some. Here you will find a bizarre cross between Kabul and Warsaw, where the local Bangladeshi population and the local Eastern European population are embroiled in a battle to see who can have the most welfare dependant babies.

Head in the other direction towards the docks and you may well find yourself being shat upon by the trillions of seagulls that feed off the dried up kebab meat on the pavement. The docks are somewhat of a local landmark in Gloucester, chiefly due to the fact that they contain the only buildings in the city that don’t resemble Stalingrad circa 1943.

Then there’s the hospital. Holy s**t there’s a f*****g eyesore if ever there was one. The greyest and most aesthetically un-pleasing structure you will ever set your eyes upon. One could be forgiven for thinking it was designed by the same person who built the infamous banlieues of Paris.

The city is served by a range of haute cuisine establishments, including several McDonald’s, 2 KFC’s, a Burger King and of course for those who are feeling adventurous, Greggs, where some of the hairiest women you will ever meet are happy to serve you with a yellow, crooked smile (although I suppose it’s hard not to smile when you’re off you’re tits on speed).

If you plan to go to Gloucester for the day do yourself a favour, drive past it (hold your breath and close your eyes whilst doing so) and carry on for an extra 10 minutes up the road to Cheltenham. You will be shocked how two such different towns can be so close to each other.

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  • warren webb

    I find it funny how people can say that just think about the people who haft to live with this crisis I live on the outskirts of Gloucester it is true its filled with nasty stuff but that’s not what the British make of it, its the others that have filled the country with trash. Everyday me and my friend love to have fun but we always come across bullies, tramps that spit everywhere and chavs that think they’re all big a hard but its funny to look at and we all feel like we haft to suffer. Like we go on YouTube and we see all these rich kids and they mock and make us feel bad about ourselves. we want that, we want a nice country, clean country with none of those filthy drug addicts but its what they make of it.

  • Karen Elliott

    OMG, I am crying! My jaw aches from laughing!
    Circa 1900, Gloucester city had a centre that would rival York. Unfortunately subsequent council planning committees have managed it straight to the state it’s in now. But I agree with others, many other towns and cities have suffered and seem to be in the same downward predicament. Don’t know what the answer is……….

  • Shane Pudges Roffey

    Gloucester isn’t so bad, and despite the crime and “legions of petty thieves”, is home to some of the nicest and most open minded people I have ever met, who won’t judge you straight away by look and will take the time to get to know you. And as for the rampant homelessness here, you can blame our oh so lovely government for that… AND the f*cker that created money/currency.

  • Ben

    Talking absolute nonsense Cheltenham is a sh*t hole too and also is where chavs originated from, the term chav is abbreviated from Cheltenham average 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Well done mate

  • Glen J C Mendes-Francis

    Guys calm down Gloucester is the city for both Cheltenham, Stroud and Tewkesbury and whilst I agree with you a lot of the money Cheltenham spends is derived from all the other boroughs and Gloucester, however, point taken about Gloucester and we have to thank the worthless pieces of garbage we call city councillors. I spent several months getting them to put lines down where I live because idiots don’t observe the highway code. And yes Cheltenham is a nice place and I’ve live there, but its like everywhere else if you have sh*t city people running this joint you get sh*t. So lets agree to enjoy both Nice parts of each town and lets all get together to roast the morons running this county. Oh we’ve just spent 7 million on the Golden valley bypass. money well spent you be the judge.
    A revolution is needed to get rid of the people who run these towns, I mean for christ sake we built a F”’@ing CD rack by the old bank of England…WHY. We need to take it back guys because this is what it’s led to were all fighting against each other and the anger should be pointed at those we pay our council tax to…..

  • nicknuts

    Gloucester epitomises the whole of the UK now. Are there any reports of totally nice places? Each city has lost the plot. There used to be reasons why a city exists. For Gloucester is was the lowest bridging point of the Severn and made it a communication centre. Then they built the bridges. It had a huge farmers market, now closed down. It had about 10,000 well paid jobs in hi-tech manufacturing, mostly disappeared. There is no point to Gloucester now, and that includes most cities across the nation. The welfare state seems to have caused evolution to go into reverse. Most cities now are dead or dying and full of degenerates. We’ve also decided to help this process by importing the third world. No wonder so many indigenous are leaving. We’re told about 300k a year. I wonder what the real figure is. We are being destroyed on purpose, but I don’t know the real reason. Certainly the EU is all a part of this.

  • nicknuts

    I was born and educated in Gloucester and lived there for 55 years until we couldn’t stand the place any more and left in 2005. Gloucester has gone the same way as possibly hundreds of towns that have lost their reason for being. We used to have a thriving manufacturing base in England when I was born, and most of that has gone. Gloucester used to be the lowest crossing point of the Severn, but 2 new bridges put pay to that, it used to have a very big farmers/ cattle market, and that has gone, and it used to have a stack of high tech. aeronautical and other manufacturing, mostly closed down. I estimate 10,000 manufacturing jobs were lost in the Gloucester/ Cheltenham area. The town was pedestrianised that just kills a place. There are lots of iron posts and sort of city centre ‘decorations’ trying to put lipstick on a pig. The shopping centre built end of the 1960s was a disaster. King’s walk is a claustrophobic tunnel. Compare that to Cheltenham’s Arcade. I found the HALAL meat in ASDA offensive as an animal lover. Natives now rave about the docks. These are too far out of town and you need a lot more than the Docks to make a place nice. I see the Quays new shopping centre is half empty. Don’t believe the positive posts. I lived there for 55 years and I am well qualified to criticise the dump. But like I said, an awful lot of Great Britain is going to the dogs. If I was young man now I would move abroad. This country is finished.
    EDIT, a well known travel guide refers to Gloucester as ‘has seen former glory’.
    I noticed a few years ago that Gloucester was in the Top Ten for the most closed shops, being at No. 7 with 28% shut. How is this situation now?

  • thewage

    Why do you live here LJD? And why kingsway? Because its cheap, despite your hypocrisy demonstrated on a post regarding Newport, on how you avoid areas that provide cheap housing. Why don’t you move to cheltenham and hire a butler you snob. Do some history and compare the achievements and contributions that have come from Gloucester with that of the mighty and exciting metropolis of northampton. When your ‘friends’ are visiting and slagging of the residents of kingsway, they are taking the piss out of you. If all Gloucester people are the same, and we are the only place full of chavs, then f*ck off somewhere else. simple

  • John Mercieca

    Although I live in Gloucester i wouldn’t know if its riddled with crime or not, because i have not visited the sh**e hole city center or its narrow minded tw**tty people for nearly 8 years now thank god.

  • David Aspinall

    this article is utter bullshit. I am from Gloucester and now work as a documentary maker in London, I often bring friends from all over the world back to my home town to enjoy drinking in 15th century pubs, historic docks and one of the countries most impressive cathedrals. Always topped by swilling rough cider with a random bunch of colourful locals down the Cafe Rene. Gloucester’s got a lot going for it and you’d be hard pressed to find another place like it.

    • Chris

      You are spot on about the Rene

  • slam69

    Never go there and i live 2 1/2 miles outside. Cheltenham everytime but…. even thats on the slide. Modern times, The internet has kiiled or is kiiling most towns. Its just a matter of time before every town will be called “Amazon”.

  • James Cullis

    Offensive at every paragraph and wholly untrue.

    Gloucester is no different to any other city, it has some scrotes and some criminals and has ugly buildings everywhere.
    As for the people… Again No different a demographic than I’ve seen in any other city around the world.

    Not everyone who uses a pawn shop is a criminal.

    Not every Bangladeshi or eastern European is a scrounge.

    Also the story (if you can call it that) was written by a visitor and not someone who lives here. They are very narrow minded and blind to all the beauty of Gloucester and it’s surrounding countryside.

    Gloucester could be a lot better, its moving in the right direction, however it could also be a lot worse.

    Only ignorant eyes fail to see the beauty before them.

    Maybe next time ‘ anonymous visitor’ decides to write about a city they visit they should look harder and deeper, not all beauty is superficial.

  • daveystoat

    This idiot clearly has never even been to Gloucester, as they don’t appear to know their way around it. Where is Barton Road?

  • Ela

    I suggest the author of this article goes back to school to enrich their geographical knowledge. Is Warsaw in your opinion the capital of Eastern Europe? You are mixing nationalities and being extremely unfair! Warsaw is in Poland and if you walk down Barton Street it’s not the Polish language that you hear the most and definitely not Polish parents aimlessly strolling down the street with pockets full of benefit money. Go there and actually listen to the Language people speak! (If you are intelligent enough to distinguish between languages, that is). Yes, there are Polish shops there but most of Polish people dont have the time to just hang around there as they work very hard till very late to make a living and they do not rely on social benefits for income! (I encourage you to read some statistics and subject literature on the matter). So do yourself a favour and before making untruthful amd extremely harmful racist judgements classifying everyone as lazy Eastern European benefit scroungers, go there and actually listen to the Language people you are referring to speak! I can assure you it’s not Polish!

    Ela from Poland (with no welfare dependant children just yet)

  • Jim Harley

    Clearly you neither had a good look at Gloucester or went to journalism college! KFCs does not require an apostrophe and we have 2, yes 2, Burger Kings now. Amatuer reporting at its lowest.

  • Phil Campbell

    Phil Campbell – Gloucester Resident.
    I’m glad the author isn’t returning. Gloucester doesn’t need someone so narrow minded with an obvious agenda. Gloucester is no different from any other city where there are people. It’s the people that make a city and this kind of intolerance is unfortunately becoming more openly spouted by “anonymous” cowards. If you feel that strongly about it put your name to it and go with the “alleged” courage of your convictions Mr Angry. I suggest you find some love in your life and stay away from social media until you can find something positive to say.

  • Stuart Wood

    Anyone who thinks that Cheltenham is nicer than Gloucester has clearly never left Montpelier. Anyone can paint their buildings white, but they’ll never be able to shake off having Hester’s Way as the gateway to the hive of unwarrented pretentiousness that Cheltenham is.

    • Sam Beddoes

      I lived in Cheltenham for 3 years and, yeah, it’s gotten pretty bad to be honest. It’s a little like Twin Peaks, it LOOKS nicer but once you peel away the outer layer it’s really frigging sinister, worst class divide I’ve personally witnessed, and it’s slowly but surely being torn down to make room for a resort town for people coming to see the races.

      Gloucester has come a hell of a long way, especially the Quays side of town. It seems like as Cheltenham gradually declines, Gloucester improves, but let’s be honest, it’s still got a lot of problems, and this article was a very funny read 😀

  • Louise Joanne Davies

    It’s actually a very accurate description of Gloucester, albeit no holds barred, it’s an honest account of a bottom of the barrel city. Glorious cathedral and quaint shops with history that has been swallowed by filthy low life type inhabitants. Such a shame really.

    • James Cullis

      No different to any other city.

  • Kurt Schroedinger’s Cat

    What A Miserable C*nt This Author Is, Envisaging Nothing More Than Racist Cliché And An Absence Of Architectural Appreciation. I Bet The Mother F*cking Writer’s A U KIPPER

    • Aiden Briant

      Have you been to Gloucester before, have you seen the state its in lately? And whats with the capitalisation of every word?

    • nicknuts

      Architectural Appreciation? It”s a bit short on that, except for the Cathedral. Why a UKIPper?

    • Joe Seismic

      No, there’s nothing quite as foul and obnoxious as a triggered lefty.

      • Shane Pudges Roffey

        there is, its called the human race, have you met us yet?

    • Chris

      Even said Barton Road, not Street

  • D Smith

    I moved to Gloucester 5 years ago and while agree there seems to of been an increase in the crime levels and certain places are definitely worth avoiding but that is the same in every city center. On the whole I think it’s a lovely city with lovely people. It’s no different to many cities throughout the country and I think the above rambling is very unfair.

    • James Cullis

      Well said

    • nicknuts

      The people used to be lovely, but decent folk have mostly left, like us. From travelling around the UK I can definitely say that the Gloucester bunch are inhibited and not that friendly.

    • nicknuts

      I was born and bred in G, and we didn’t have to avoid any area 50 years ago.