Worst places to live in South West

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  1. Living in Portishead

    Portishead, on the muddy shores of the Severn Estuary

  2. Living in Wadebridge, North Cornwall

    Wadebridge – The Poor man’s Padstow

  3. Living in Yeovil, Somerset

    Yeovil, neatly situated in the a**e end of nowhere

  4. Swindon – Chavistani’s

    Swindon – Chavistani’s

  5. Twerton, Bath (Loxton Drive)

    Twerton, Bath (Loxton Drive)

  6. Crediton- Devon

    Crediton- Devon

  7. Lydney


  8. Nailsea, Bristol

    Nailsea, Bristol

  9. Swindon – Yes Another one!

    Swindon – Yes Another one!

  10. Living in Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire

    Wootton Bassett – 99.9% c**v

  11. Kingswood – nouveau riche c**v central

    Kingswood – nouveau riche c**v central

  12. Living in Bath, Somerset

    Bath, Somerset – needs a good clean!