Living in Aviemore, Scotland

Aviemore: we are made to feel as welcome as a Christian in Saudi Arabia

The main hotel in Aviemore looks more like a huge block of council flats, the estates on the outskirts are little more than ghettos.

Living in Ilfracombe, Devon

Ilfracombe – The Dump in North Devon

Ilfracombe is one part scum, one part decent, and one part alcoholic holidaymakers in Wetherspoons during the holidays.

Moving to Cornwall

Looe and the whole of frigging Cornwall is a chavvy hole

I just had a week-long holiday in Looe and really enjoyed it. Only trouble is what should be a genteel, mid-market resort for families has been taken over by teenage prats.

Roughest areas in Cromer, Norfolk

Cromer, supposedly known as ‘GemĀ of the North Norfolk coast’ – why?

The people who come to Comer, gorge themselves on chips and beer, with their kids left shivering on benches while mum and dad get pissed.