Newcastle Under Lyme

Newcastle Under Lyme likes to think itself as the less downmarket version of Stoke On Trent, but any resident would be able to tell you this is not the case. Apparently, all the UK’s gold supplies are controlled from this town. And indeed there is a pompous, flashy marble building called ‘The Gold Centre’. And […]

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I, come from Stoke Gifford which borders onto Bradley Stoke and Filton. For those who aren’t informed, Bradley Stoke is a fairly new establishment of houses. Just houses and a leisure centre, a few pubs, a tesco (And a tesco express, wow, what a choice) and a load of offices. They went about building approx […]

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Like Stoke-on-Trent,Swindon has the lot, although its chavness is slightly more advanced than that of Stoke,as ear piercings and burberry caps have only just gone out of fashion! or at least thats what they think! Anyone who lives in Swindon or has been there should know never to visit one of the four P’s (Pinehurst,Penhill,Park […]

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Market Drayton

Delightfully located between **** strongholds of Shrewsbury and Stoke on Trent lies the little town of Market Drayton. Famous according to signs for gingerbread and the home of the Muller yogurt factory, Market Drayton is the ***** countryside retreat. A town with KwikSave Netto and LIDL is surely **** heaven. This town which i had […]

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Crewe (Cheshire)

Crewe – A sceptic spot six inches up the ******** of England According to the tourist board, Crewe is a beautiful historic town set in the southern lowlands of Cheshire, with a rich heritage in the rail industry, an association that continues until today. That’s the bullshit. If you want the reality, visit the place. […]

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The British captured Gibraltar 300 years ago. Sadly the village idiot was ****** in the action and so the post was advertised. Idiots from around the Med and Britain applied by the hundreds and due to an administrative error, all were accepted. The results can be seen in the population today. Gibraltar is a basically […]

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Whether it’s culture or chavness you want, you can experience it all in ‘Cov’. For the upwardly mobile *****, one can find them at MacDonald’s carpark on the Holyhead Rd, Sunday night; practicing burnouts, checking out each others engines, bass-boxes etc and racing the 1/4 mile from Officeworld roundabout to the lights at Safeways. Daytime […]

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My, My, My. What can I say. Since i arrived here 2 years ago to start university-and thats the university not guildford college to all you ***** out there, i have never seen so many ***** littering the streets. Baseball caps at 45 degrees upwards, ****** cars everywhere you look and enough burberry to make […]

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