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I can see how Coventry may seem like Chaventry to people outside of the city. However, being born and raised in the city I can tell you the truth about Coventry.

Late 1980’s, Coventry was one of the worst cities in the UK, overrun by many different gangs. The skinheads being one of the worst. They would loiter where is now the Godiva statue. Even white families and couples wouldn’t go out in Coventry for an evening, they would have to go to nearby towns like Leamington. Another larger and more organised gang was the asian organisation, which was based around the Stoke area (NOT Foleshill!).
When an asian male was attacked for no apparant reason, this is when Coventry took a turn. The true skinheads, who were in it for the love of the music, not for being racists helped the asians bring the racists down which was the Coventry riot around 10 years ago.

Since then, Coventry has been a relatively good city. Of course the city has some bad areas, which cities don’t?

Everyone is hating the city calling it **** central, but I disagree. There are ****’s about but it differs with areas. ****’s do gather around Wood End, Cheylesmore and Radford, but what about the nicer areas like Westwood heath, Finham, Styvechale, Binley Woods, Earlsdon?

Coventry has been a leading industrial city since the war (at which time Coventry was supplying armoured vehicles like tanks and ammunitions at the Alvis plants). If it wasn’t for Coventry, we wouldn’t have the jet engine! The Thrust (fastest land car) was designed here in coventry and is now kept in the motor museum.

Crime in Coventry is relatively low compared to other cities in the proximity like Birmingham and Leicester. Coventry has a good central location, most places are “only half an hour away” like Stratford, Birmingham, Leicester, Warwick. Not a very busy city, so it is quite quiet.

Coventry has been a popular city for the music industry. Pete Waterman has a house on Kenilworth Road (where property prices range from £450,000 – £900,000). 80’s group Bananarama? was from Coventry which I heard was successful. The music genre SKA was created in the city. Worldwide selling artist Panjabi MC is from Coventry who has done collaborations with Jay Z.

Did I not mention the Automotive industry? Coventry is the home of Jaguar, MG Rover, and Peageot.

Coventry has a diverse population, mainly English (of course) and Indian but also Middle Eastern, Canadian, French and German.
People from this city respect each other. I can walk around the city centre and no **** will say a thing to me. Trouble only finds people looking for it. I was walking through the Burges just yesterday. Nobody said a thing.

Of course Coventry, like any other city, has an underworld. However, Coventry has to be one of the most organised and controlled. Sure there are dealers about, but it’s all controlled. Compare the gun crime ratings of this city to nearby Birmingham, or down the road (motorway or two) Nottingham. People here have links to many cities like London, Birmingham, Leicester. You can go to Leicester and ask about a known guy in coventry, guaranteed people will know what you’re talking about.

In my conclusion, Coventry is a diverse city with alot of things in it. The population is mainly middle class decent people. If you want to start talking about the dodgy side of Coventry, then you have controlled dealers, gangs which don’t do anything apart from having their aim as making more money but ***** are the minority. ***** are nothing in this city. Sure there are alot about, but to be honest they are just groups of friends, who like sportswear. If you are looking for trouble then you will get it in Coventry. But no point saying ***** run this city because they are so low down the food chain it’s unbelievable!

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