Bordon HANTS

South East

Bordon is the home of SEME and REME, part of the Army. Located about 10-12 miles south of Aldershit.
Plenty of *****, and plenty of squaddies….sounds good already.

I live about 4 miles from the heart of this slum, thankfully in a different village, although we do have our own **** element. The local ‘hang-outs’ for the **** is usually the Forest Centre or outside OneStop, usully stood by the bin at the latter. I suspect that a certain amount of bin diving goes on here, but have yet to see any proof of this. The Forest centre is not what you would call a large scale shopping precinct, it has few locally owned shops, plus I’m sure you will be pleased to know a Somerfield and a Lidl. Obviously most of the time spent at these 2 places is used up by smoking sovvies or drinking wife-beater for the ‘adult’ ***** and for the ********* Lambrini, and for the most parts the youngsters drinking wkd or the like. But most of the energy is used harrassing the few good folk of Bordon. I have seen the abuse and menace and spit that anybody who they deem to be ‘different’ endures, this means people who work for a living. I know this from personal experience as I often have business in the precinct, but thankfully not just sitting and smoking.
We are dealing with lower class *****, there are very few ‘premium’ **** clothes to be seen, but the general attire is unmistakeable. Tipped back baseball caps, white traccy bottoms and and absolute shitload of cheap plastic looking gold. when comparing these ***** to the **** element in Headley Down, they are sadly lacking. The typical Headley Down **** has an element of style that the Bordonese do not appreciate, the Heatlanders, as they are known due to the massive council estate, seems to be able to really mix and match a damn site better. For example, Pink puffer jacket with white adidas traccies, obviously not real, and a pair of red stilettoes. I defy anyone to find more of a **** than that. Especially if you add in the perm and clown neclace being worn outside the jacket.
The good folk of Headley truly are blessed with the ***** we have living to us in close proximity as they enrich our lives with abuse, theft and generally pikeyness. ***** of North East Hants must truly be proud when most of the squaddies are scared to go to the only nightspot in Bordon itself, Oasis, believe the name. It truly is flooded with the lowest of the low. I was once asked to describe this place, not so much meat market more abbatoir.
How happy am I that I managed to live away from this in the eldorado that is Stoke-on-Trent for 3 yrs.
Stoke is a ******** as well, but at least the ***** there made me feel at home.

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