Worst places to live in Hampshire

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  1. Gosport – godsport my a*rse

  2. Living in Southampton, Hampshire, Above Bar Street

    Southampton: how to visit Above Bar Street and still leave with your wallet

  3. Living in Gosport, Hampshire

    Gosport, Hampshire …more like cesspit Hampsh*te

  4. Living in Portsmouth, Hampshire

    Portsmouth: O.M.F.G.

  5. Living in Waterlooville, Hampshire

    Waterlooville – this place is a sh*thole

  6. Living in Romsey, Hampshire

    Romsey pretends to be a nice place

  7. Living in Waterlooville, Hampshire

    Waterlooville – Ghost Town

  8. Living in Andover, Hampshire

    Andover: gulag of Hampshire

  9. Living in Farnborough, Hampshire

    Farnborough: where dreams come to die

  10. Living in Shirley, Southampton

    Southampton: The ex soviet bloc government funded retirement resort

  11. Living in Fareham, Hampshire

    Fareham: if ********** was a town.

  12. Living in Fareham

    The Ontological Degradation of the Fareham Borough