Living in Kingswood, Bristol

Kingswood, Bristol: Sounds like a great place to live, isn’t!

Buses are the only reason why Kingswood survives. People buy food when passing through, just to get to bath or a neighbouring county.

Living in Bristol

Bristol, you just get on with it and it becomes normal

'beaten for the price of a bag of fish and chips', was one Bristol headline that I remember.

weston hellhole mare (Weston-Super-Mare)

weston hellhole mare (Weston-Super-Mare)

Welcome to weston-super-mare where you can eat skanky fish and chips cooked in hydrogenated oil from last summer season.



Richey Edwards from the Manic Street Preachers is quoted to have said about his hometown "if Blackwood was a museum it would be full of shit and rubble". Chorley on the other hand IS a museum made of

Living in Portishead

Portishead, on the muddy shores of the Severn Estuary

Portishead. A band, but also a place with a rather unique and confused bunch of inhabitants.