Worst places to live in Scotland

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  1. Living in Aviemore, Scotland

    Aviemore: we are made to feel as welcome as a Christian in Saudi Arabia

  2. Living in Forth, Scotland

    Forth – a grey & moribund carbuncle on the ****-end of Scotland

  3. Living in Brechin, Scotland

    Brechin is home to people who have nowhere else to go

  4. Living in Arbroath, Scotland

    Arbroath: a mixture of racists and junkies

  5. Scottish Highlands: the awful truth

    Highlands of Scotland: THE AWFUL TRUTH

  6. Worst place to live in Scotland 2017 Poll

    Worst place to live in Scotland 2017 Poll

  7. Living in Blantyre

    Blantyre: sh*te in Livingstone’s days, he left for another continent

  8. Living in Aberdeen

    Aberdeen, voted “the most dismal town in Scotland”

  9. Living in Edinburgh

    Edinburgh, the city centre is OK-ish the surrounding areas are awful

  10. Living in Kilsyth

    Kilsyth, home to some of the most nosey people in the whole of Scotland

  11. Living in Skerry, Sutherland, Scotland

    Skerray, Sutherland: Outsiders Are Not Welcome Here!

  12. Living in Nairn, Scotland

    Nairn screams awful, from the miserable scenery to the run down high st