Highlands of Scotland: THE AWFUL TRUTH

The Highlands of Scotland, one of the most peaceful, beautiful places in Britain, or is it? Now I’ll be fair, there are a couple of nice spots, with good views, but if I’m totally honest the novelty wears off and most of it does NOT look like what you see in the photos. After living there for years, you’ll begin to realise it’s mostly made up of miles dull and desolate fields, a handfull depressing, dead little villages and enough sheep to drive you mad.

The majority of the locals, born and (inter)bred there are the most dull, rude and pig ignorant people that you will come across, they hate the English with a passion (even more so now since the referendum) and they go out of their way to be obnoxious. House prices are relatively low but beware, selling a house in the Highlands is virtually impossible and a lot of houses have been on the market for decades.

if you decide to rent, also be careful, there is an epidemic of truly awful landlords stealing deposits off tenants and lying through their teeth to get every penny they can out of you, both landlords we rented from turned out to be compete and utter swindlers, and most friends/acquaintances who have rented have also had the same problem with their landlords (I understand that this is an issue in many areas, but it is particularly bad there).

To conclude, the Highlands is a nice place for a short holiday, there a few nice walks beaches, and I would recommend for a visit, but if you move there, expect things to go downhill. If you are an English person, expect to be hated by the obnoxious and interbred freaks that are locals. And after realising just how overrated the place is you might just decide to come back to civilisation. I’m now back in England, I don’t regret my years in the highlands but I’m glad it’s over.

Goodbye and good riddance!

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