Worst places to live in Lothian

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  1. Living in Blindwells, East Lothian, Scotland

    Blindwells, East Lothian – you need to be blind to move here!

  2. Living in Prestopans, Scotland

    Prestonpans residents, they’re the most miserable lot in East Lothian

  3. Living in Edinburgh

    Edinburgh, the city centre is OK-ish the surrounding areas are awful

  4. Living in Edinburgh, Scotland

    The Honest Travel Guide to Edinburgh

  5. Living in Bathgate, West Lothian

    Bathgate, A pleasant sounding place? Don’t be fooled

  6. Edinburgh


  7. Dalkeith


  8. Edinburgh


  9. Living in Mayfield, Scotland

    Mayfield in Scotland is like the seventh circle of Dante’s hell